Nyitó oldal

I am pleased to welcome you on our Foundation’s Homepage.

We all change in our lifetimes, shaped by what we experience. Things gain and lose importance through the times. At this point in my life I felt compelled to do something to preserve what little is still left from the old Monor Jewry.
I would like to share my memories and the memories of my age group for people to see how we lived and worked as part of the local community. Our Foundation was established on 14.09.2004. I owe thanks to the Board Members and Officials for their cooperaton, enthusiasm and dedication to my endeavour. I also thank our friends in Monor for supporting our efforts with their encouragement, remembrances and documents.
Our Foundation is open to all who sympathise with our cause and are willing to contribute to our work. We also accept donations and vow to use them well to achieve our goals.
Please visit our homepage from time to time to see the results of our work.

Tibor Szántó, Founder

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We regret to announce that founder of our foundation Tibor Szántó died at the age of 93 on 15 June 2007. We will remember his humour, high spirits and kindness.

According to the decision made by the advisory board on 21 November 2007 and the order concernig death of our founder Tibor Szanto, since now the rights of founder belong to his daughter Mrs.  Barany, Ilona Szanto. The foundation document has been modified accordingly.

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