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Open University of Jew Sciences

You would like to ask something….

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Friends, study, scholarship

Where and when? – Presentations are twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday. In the very centre of the town. In the centre of EMIH: 20, Károly krt.

To whom? – To every Jew girl and boy who would like to know more about her/himself without any engagement 


20, Karoly krt.

Budapest 1052
Phone: (36-1) 268-0183
Fax: (36-1) 342-7876

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Foundation for Jewish Cementeries in Hungary

The Foundation has been established with the purpose of saving poor-fated Jewish cemeteries, protecting them against decay and destruction. The goal is to protect cemeteries and make them reverence memory places….


CHAIM Charity Foundation


The official news portal of the World Federation of Hungarian Jews

The Mission Statement of the World Federation of Hungarian Jews:

  • To help and support the subsistence of the Hungarian Jewish Heritage all over the word.
  • To establish mutual understanding and to develop the mutual beneficial and fruitful relationship among the Hungarian Jews living in Hungary, in Israel, and around the world.
  • To represent the worldwide interests of the Hungarian Jews...



Jewish life stories in the 20th century

Purpose of it is to document life of the Jewish in Central- and East Europe as well as to inform Jewish and not Jewish
– virtually – about the collected documents all over the world.
Centropa is working in 15 countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Czeh Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Poland, Latvia, Hungary, Moldova, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey and Ukraine).


History of the Hungarian Jewry


Memorial Museum of Hungarian Speaking Jewry


Information on Monor and its surroundings


Monor homepage


Hungarian Jewish Site


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