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Meeting of advisory board

Our advisory board hold a meeting to talk about the works we did in 2008 and to make decisions about the tasks of future.
In this year we continued renewal of the cemetery, maintained its region. But with renewals we did some weeks ago our financial recourses finished. We won 200.000 HUF on a competition we applied to MAZSÖK, but this amount is not on our account yet.
Our other competition applied to the Norwegian Fund including our plan to make a memorial statue in our cemetery has been unsuccessful..
Now our task is to obtain financial fund necessary to continue our work.


Piano to the Town

Our foundation participated to make succesful the movement „Piano to the Town” "Zongorát a Városnak". We have bought chairs and found supporters and now we have it! Civil organizations, private people, companies supported the movement. As a result of the succesful collection also the Town of Monor contributed to the goal, so today in the big hall of Vigadó we could consecrate the Steinway piano. The first concert was performed by Károly Mocsári in honour of the contributors.

Pictures of the convivial concert >>

Speech of the chairman of Monor Hegyessy Lions Club

It’s my pleasure to greet you in this beautiful, pleasant evening. We all contributed to be able to organize this event here..
That’s why I would like spend this evening in the spirit of thanks, gratefulness and music.
Can a charity club have bigger happiness than when a decision reaches success? I don’t think so.We, members of Lions Club are very happy and thank you for this feeling.
You must know that our club, Monor Hegyessy Lions Club is a member of a world-wide charity organization, goal of which is to help people living in disadvantageous circumstances. 
Money, collected on charity events are used for the above purpose.
In 2007 we thought – hoping in wide contribution – the excellent acoustics big hall of renovated Vigadó would be suitable to organize charity concerts in it, income of which could be used to help needy people.
But a music instrument is needed for this purpose! A piano! But it is not all the same what piano! A concert piano, the price of which is cca. 7-10 million HUF even in used condition. It was a shocking amount then! Anyhow we initiated money collecting movement of „Piano to the Town!” We didn’t dare to think that the decision will reach its purpose within so short time.
For this great common cooperation I’d like to say thanks to first of all Dr. Burzuk Valika, idea owner and fighter of this movement 
Thanks to the members of Lions Club, who collected money with a lot energy and effort, using their free time.
Thanks to Károly Mocsári pianist who found the most suitable piano for us and what is very important he convinced the owner of the piano that our money collection will be successful and the money will be available within reasonable period.
Thanks and gratefulness to Monor inhabitants, economic associations, civil organizations, people, living out of Monor and everybody who belived – together with us – that they serve a good purpose with their contribution.
Last but not least many thanks and even more gratefulness to the local government of Monor, mayor Mr. Tibor Pogácsás, he contributed to our movement with the missing amount to be able to buy the piano soon. 
Now the town has got the piano!
Lions Club will borrow it to organize charity concerts 2 times a year.
About colleaction of money we make a settlement, it will be published in Monor Strázsa newspaper..
Names of the contributors will be preserved on a small board for the future generation.
We wish this beautiful and valuable instrument serves to everybody’s pleasure.
In the name of Lions Club I wish you a nice evening.

Valéria Gál
Chair-woman of Monor Hegyessy Lions Club



We received support

Our foundation has been supported with 150 Canadian dollar by TORONTO JEWS ASSOCIATION OF HUNGARIAN DESCENT. Thank you for the contribution we’ll use it to reach our purposes.


Further tombs have been renewed

Tombs have been filled in with fresh soil, flowers will be planted there As per our decision and acceptance we continue renewing of the tombs of the Jewish cemetery. In these days we finished renewal of 6 tombs.

Pictures of renewed tombs >>


Result of movement of "Piano to the town!"

As you were informed on 19.01.2008. also our Foundation has supported the movement of „Piano to the town!”, initiated by Monor Hegyessy Lions Club.As a Monor located civil organization we think important to develop our cultural life, to be able to listen to more and more high-level concerts in the concert hall of Vigadó performed on the own piano of the town. Thanking to the supporters we show you hereby the bank abridgment about the money we received for this purpuse

( www.mozsa.hu/dynamic/ibank_budapestbank_hu_index_php.pdf ). 

Unfortunately the collected money is not enough yet, we must work further to get the necessary money to buy the piano 6,400,00 0 HUF. Once again we thank you for trust and help and at the same time we kindly ask the esteemed reader if he can please contribute to our efforts. Our goal is to buy the piano completely from public contributions.
Let’s show civil power of Monor!   




Péter Popper 1%

So many Jewish live in Hungary. Cca. 100 000 (one hundred thousand) from cca. 10.000.000l (ten million). Do 99 % fear from this 1%.....?

Complete article hereA teljes cikk elolvasása >>
You can download the complete article hereA teljes cikk letöltése >>


  Spring-time cleaning at cemetery

Our chairman, György Ajtai organized a team to remove tracks of winter from the cemetery and the dike in front of it.


  Advisory board discussion

 Present were:

Mrs. Barany, Ilona Szanto, founder
Mr. Gyorgy Ajtai
Ms. Beata Ajtai
Mrs. Sandor Kucsera
Mr. Gyorgy Kugel
Advisory board accepted with one consent the report of public utility of the year 2007, presented by Gyorgy Kugel.
Adisory board made decision of the tasks of the year 2008.
We’ll continue renovation of the cemetery and try to get financial sources – necessary for it - from donations and applications.
We decided to inform the mayor of our town about our activities, at the same time thank for his assistance, received till now and apply for his further support. Strengthening our previous decision we agreed to support the movement of „Piano for the town” of Monor Hegyessy Lions Club with chair purchasing, we bought one chair, as well as we take part in making this movement be succesful with organizing work. 
Also in this year we’ll continue organizing lessons of secondary school students in the Holocaust Remembrance Centre.
We plan to achive declaration of Monor Jew Cemetery to be protected area.
Decisions were made with one consent by our advisory board.


Piano for the Town

Our advisory board has decided to join the movement of „Piano for the Town”, launched by Monor Hegyessy Lions Club. First our Foundation is buying a chair, second we’re helping also with work in order Town of Monor can have a piano and we can enjoy concertos


Extraordinary advisory board discussion

Founder of our foundation Mr. Tibor Szanto died on 15th June 2007. In case of his death he ordered in the chapter 1 of the foundation document that his daughter Mrs. Barany, Ilona Szanto exercises rights of founder. According to his will Mrs. Barany, Ilona Szanto undertook to exercise rights of founder. Our advisory board accepted with one consent that Mrs.
Barany, Ilona Szanto renounced her membership in advisory board and at the same time – with one consent – Ms. Beata Ajtai was chosen as a new member of the advisory board.

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